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Your identity document did not pass our review.

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Nikita P Member Since: Sep 25, 2015
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The ID you submitted does not appear to be a valid identity document. You cannot submit a proposal at this time. Please contact support if you feel this is an error. Pelase check and Solve My Error ..
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Scott E Member Since: Jul 26, 2015
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What were you asked to submit, and what did you submit?

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Petra R Member Since: Aug 3, 2011
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You'll have to do as you were asked: Contact Support so they can explain to you why thedocuments you submitted were not accepted as valid ID.


You can check yourself what documents are acceptable here:


Only you (and Upwork) know if what you submitted was one (or more) of the following:


"Acceptable documents include passport, national ID card (NIC/CNIC), driver's license, NBI Clearance (Philippines only), tax ID, voter ID, postal ID, or any other valid government-issued photo ID that meets the criteria above. Even when issued by a government agency, we cannot accept documents like student IDs, employee IDs, or library cards."



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Daniel P Member Since: Aug 15, 2014
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I agree with what others have said. We're going to need to know what kind of document you submitted to be able to answer why it wasn't accepted as a valid form of ID.

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solehudin m Member Since: Oct 9, 2015
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how to reupload id card?