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Yup - I'm posting twice (maybe even thrice)

Is Upwork going to do anything about the bouncing balls and the wait while they 'check' the browser?


This does not help to bust stress . . .



I doubt they can because it's a Cloudflare screen, not an Upwork screen.  I think it's there intentionally, so it can redirect malicious traffic.


Please keep in mind I know almost nothing about this stuff and I hope someone with more knowledge will pop in with information.


It only last 2 seconds for me so I'm not too bothered by it especially if it's keeping out malicious traffic.

It lasts longer than two seconds for me. And I doubt very much that it is in place to keep out malicious traffic!  😉


That's what Cloudflare is though.  DDoS protection


think Valeria mentioned at some point that they were getting unusual traffic and that's why this was put in place.  I participate on another site that has the same problem and they put something like Cloudflare in place, but we don't get the screen that shows up here.  

Community Manager
Community Manager

I am sorry about the inconvenience, Nichola. The additional screen is showing to ensure the security of our users. It will be removed once we make sure everything's alright.


Thank you for your patience.

~ Valeria
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