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Zero Hours in Profile

As you can see more than 70% of jobs are for fixed price. Clients prefer fixed price, as they don’t need to monitor the job and hours. 

They will get the final product for the $ agreed. 


I also prefer fixed price jobs, as I don’t need to edit the hourly log, and I can do multiple things in between.


But if I do only fixed price jobs, my stats will show 0 hours worked, which will give the impression that I have not worked at all.


Also clients are given a provision to select only freelancers who have done a certain hours of work on upwork, even in a fixed price job posting.

Those who are doing only fixed price jobs, will not be able to apply for this, even if the new job is for fixed-price.

I think, the client simply selects that option for minimum hours, thinking that those have higher hours are more experienced


Please fix this.


Why don't you tell this to Upwork CEO?


This is fraustating and UPWork should have a solution for this.

The fact the client selects hours does not mean it excludes you from applying. The number of jobs completed also shows. You can thus state in your letter that although you have not done hourly contracts, preferring to do fixed price instead, you do meet his requirements. 


This is what I did before I had worked any hourly contracts, and also the way in which I secured them. 

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