Zero applications?

Hello, I registered a few weeks ago. I have entered 50% of the required info, passed the readiness test and passed two other tests with above 4.0. It's been a few days now and I still have 0 applications. It just seems strange because it says vanilla profiles come with 2 applications and I haven't even sent one. Do you know of anything I should definately complete before getting my applications quota? Kind regards, Ivan Bozhkov
Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi Ivan and welcome to Odesk! Please, follow the instructions in the support ticket about making changes to your profile picture in order to restore your application quota. Thanks,
~ Valeria

Hi, I am new in odesk and have already passed and completed 2 exams on top of the ORT. But job application quota is still at 2. I already passed 2 applications and getting ready for my interview later. Help!