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Zero interview invitation since Joining in January 2022


I am an accountant and  joined upwork since January 2022 but unable to secure any job since I joined despite over 10 proposals submitted so far.

Can some one suggest why it is so and because my profile is 100% complete and attractive.

If possible any extra thing I should do to be able to secure a job.


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Your profile looks decent overall, except that there are no portfolios. Having portfolios is crucial, so make sure to have at least three of them.


Also, 10 proposals aren't enough. How do you write your proposals? Can you share a sample here?

Thanks for the honest feedback. 

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Prepare Financial statement for my current employer,

This tells people you have a full-time job and are not usually available, or that you are using the internet during your working hours. 

Thanks for the honest feedback and your points noted and corrected immediately.

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If you're a new freelancer, don't expect to get an invite because I've seen on the dashboard of my friends who post jobs, which are displayed on the invitation page, almost all of them have a top rate badge.
maybe the algo of upwork should be changed so that everyone can get the same opportunity.

It's not supposed to help 'give everybody the same opportunity'. It's designed to help clients find the best freelancers.

All freelancers have to start from the beginning and work up from there. Those getting invites now also started from nothing.

Jamie F wrote:

All freelancers have to start from the beginning and work up from there. Those getting invites now also started from nothing.

yes i understand that. that's why I said at the beginning for new freelancers, don't expect to get an invitation.

Upwork does not do that because that is not what clients want.  Clients want the easiest way to find the BEST freelancers available for the money, which means they often lean toward freelancers with proven track records on Upwork, as opposed to taking a risk on a freelancer with little to no Upwork experience. 


That does not mean new freelancers will never get hired, but that you often need a really specialized skill-set and a way to "stand out" to get that first job.   Job categories where there are literally TONS of other experienced freelancers that have the same skill set are going to be the hardest to break into - like 'copyrighting', 'editing', 'virtual assistant', 'translating', etc. Those job posts often get SLAMMED with 50+ proposals within a few minutes of being posted, which is a good indication that there are too many people on the platform with a particular skill set and not enough jobs to match.   When that happens, Upwork moves the most experienced freelancers toward the top of the list because the client doesn't have time to review 50-200 proposals.  This is the reason Upwork actually will refuse some new freelancer sign-ups for certain job categories if there are already too many freelancers on the platform offering the same thing.


Also, clients can SEARCH for freelancers on their own and have access to filters for job success rate, number of jobs worked, amount of money earned, etc.  A client being 'selective' is going to set these filters on the 'high' end, and when they do that, only top rated, top rated plus, and expert freelancers are likely to show up in the search. 

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I joied Upwork 2 years back and had very normal profile (as i did not give proper time to upwork) later my account got suspended because of no activity. Just in Dec 2021, i rejoined, worked on my profile, created portfolios, details and i got 5 projects in less than 2 months and getting invitations regularly.


Just give proper time to upwork and make a good profile with sellable skills

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I found one issue on the profile that could be driving clients away:


Associate Chartered Accountant
Provider: Institute of Chartered Accountants of Nigeria
Issued: May 2007 - Expires: November 2008
2008? Is this a professional license of some kind?  If so, having an expired license is not something you'd want to advertise.  Keep in mind that you'll have clients from other countries that many not know what a 'Chartered' Accountant is ( I don't know if that's the same as a 'Certified Public Account' -the common term here in the U.S.   However, having a profile summary that says you are 'Chartered'  then having that 'Charter' listed as 'expired' is definitely going to scare some international clients away.    If somebody told me they were a Certified Public Accountant (CPA) and also that their CPA license had  'expired', I would assume that meant they were no longer licensed to practice accounting, because that's what it means here in the U.S.

Thanks for the honest feedback and your points noted and corrected.

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