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a problem regarding rising talent and preferred qualifications

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I am writing about a problem regarding rising talent and preferred qualifications. I am a freelancer at Upwork since 2016 May. Since then, I had three clients, I am still working with one of them. All of them left five star reviews and written positive reviews. I have delivered my projects on time and as promised. I have %100 complete profile, I update my availability, I had no recent account on hold, I answer clients immediately, my earnings are more than $1,000. I submit proposals to the jobs that I am qualified for (Turkish translation and marketing), however, doing all of these did not make me a rising talent. I also could not receive any job success scores and I know that the job success score is given after 5 jobs or after one year.


The problem is all the jobs, even the most relevant ones according to my skills require a job success score or a rising talent badge. In this case, I do not understand how I can get these jobs that I am suitable for without the badge or the score. This has become something like a dead end. I do not know what to do. Could you please help me to enhance my profile on Upwork?









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@Hatice U wrote:

Hi Vladimir,


thanks for your reply and your help.


I have checked the requirements for many times.  I have delivered great results to my clients, I have completed my projects on time and as promise. I maintain a 100 percent compleye profile and keep my avalibity updated, I submit proposals relevant to my subjects. I am active on Upwork. I try to do everything in order and accurately.


I hope I will be enrolled for the program when the time has come. 


thanks again.





 I would recommend you another test: English into Turkish because you are offering translations. This will bring you more clients and then you will have a JSS soon. Maybe your fixed price client can close the job, leave a review and set up a new milestone for the next work. And try to find client no. 4 for a tiny job that you can complete fast. After that you will have a JSS and do not have to wait for your Rising Talent badge anymore. And even being Top Rated is not very far for you.

Hi Margarete,


You are definitely rigth. I can get a JSS soon. 


thanks for your support and reply. It is really nice to know people care. 




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Hatice, as others have suggested, you shouldn't let those preferences stop you from applying for jobs. They are just preferences. They are in fact the default setting, so plenty of clients probably don't even realise they have those preferences set.


If I was looking for a new Turkish translator and you applied, I'd definitely consider you. From a client's perspective, I think your profile is fine. Just keep submitting great proposals for jobs that fit your skillset and I'm sure you'll get there eventually.

hi Jennifer,


Thanks. That's a relief. cause sometimes I think cleints do not even see the profile. 


thank you very much