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account suspended

Hi guys,


My friend's account got suspended immediately after a contract under unclear circumstances. He didn't do anything that is against the ToS but he just got an email telling him that his account was suspended. On replying to the ticket he kept getting bots responses of the issue having been solved.


Can I get some help for him please. Please someone respond to me for the sake of my friend


Hi Vuk, 


Can you please send me a DM with your friend's email or userID so I can check with the team? Thank you!

~ Joanne

Hi Joanne,


Thank you for responding. am unable to DM you..it says I dont have the priviledges


I have succeeded in messaging you. Kindly check your inbox

Why am I not getting a response please

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@Vuk A wrote:

Why am I not getting a response please

 Because Upwork has millions of freelancers and forum staff are not here purely to jump at your command over someone's suspended account.


Just wait!

Your friend has been suspended, so is considered a person Upwork does not want on the platform, hence his suspension is not a priority problem.


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