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account suspended

hello upwork my friend account was suspended permantly while ago he is  trying to make a living using the upwork platform his account was banned due to another account opened by my email name and i was hoping if he can resolve this issue because upwork seems to be his only option of income this days it's hard to get a job in developing country like mine please consider his sincere apologizes help him get my account back..
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Community Manager

Hi Ahmed,


We are unable to discuss the details of another user’s account with you for privacy reasons. We hope you understand.


Please check out this help article for more information about the most common reasons for freelancer account holds and refer your friend to the notification they received from the Upwork team about their account suspension for more information.


Thank you! 

~ Bojan

he tried to contact the support team but couln't get access to his account he tried to make another account to ask for help the account is banned again and he needs his account bad morethan ever maybe if someone can email him and they can talk to him it's really important


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