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benefit of joining an agency

Ace Contributor

what is the benifet of joining an agency and how can i work with one?

Community Guru

Hi Ahmed, 

An agency means a company who are operating their business through Upwork. Any freelancer can make an agency of his/her own. And he/she can invite other freelancers to join their agency. So if you want to work with an agency, either you have to make one or you need an invitation from any existing agency.


There is a lot of agencies in Upwork who doesn't do very well, in the sense of business. So working with a non-growing agency doesn't help at all.


Now, working with a good agency may be very helpful. A good agency normally has a lot of ongoing projects, so there are good possibilities that you may always busy with work. You don't need to search job and apply if you have a continuous source of jobs, right? A good agency can give you that.  But here are some points to be mentioned, working with a growing agency doesn't always mean you get paid very good. It depends on the mutual understanding between you and the agency owner. The clients only pay in the agency's account, not each member's account. The agency owner will pay you then as per your mutual agreement. And your payment cannot be done using Upwork system. So make sure that you and the agency owner both have a suitable method of payment, and you both have a good understanding and trust. Otherwise, your hard work may be useless.


You can get more information about an agency here: