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My client asked me to do billing for my job that i completed.

i dont know how to do billing. plz help. It is my first project on upwork. please found attached screenshots of the communcation occured between me and my client.



If it's an hourly job, and you've been logging your hours, then the client will get billed automatically... you don't need to do anything. If it's a fixed rate project, then you should click the submit work/get paid button so the client can approve the work and release escrow. 

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Click on "view contract" and check the following:


Is the contract hourly or fixed rate?


If hourly, did you use the tracker to track your hours?


If fixed rate, is it fully funded and did you submit the work using the "Submit work and request payment" function?

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Community Manager

Hi Ajay, 

Since this is an hourly contract, and also to confirm what Petra, and Scott has shared, you should have used the Upwork Desktop App to track and log hours for this contract. If so, your client should be automatically billed next Monday, 10-July for the hours you logged this week.

You may want to read up on the Weekly Billing Cycle help article to understand how the billing cycle works. 

~ Avery



Essentially it sounds like the client may have had some issue with his payment method, which is now resolved.


It's an hourly contract and you can now log time using the Upwork app.


In case the work has already been done, you'll have to enter the hours manually (bearing in mind that manual time is not protected)


To enter manual time:


Go to My Jobs > Work Diary and select the contract. At the top of the screen towards the right is the "add manual time" button.


Click on it and add the time, bearing in mind that you can only log time for the current work week, and for hours which are in the past (if it is Friday afternoon, you can not log time for Friday evening for example, but for Thursday morning or Monday night)