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bug in new refund mechanism

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John C Member Since: Apr 29, 2015
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some weeks ago Odesk changed their refund page, where a freelancer wants to refund all or part of the funds for a particular workweek. it used to ask for the net amount, the amount due the freelancer. now instead it asks for the gross amount, including what the client pays Odesk. this seems like a step backwards, non-intuitive, and just plain wrong to me, but if it worked correctly I could live with it.

problem is, it does not work correctly. if I'm due $500, for example, and I select a workweek, it shows $555.56. I click submit, and get an error that I can't refund more than my balance. fine, I understand it's due to rounding up so I change it to $555.55. *same message*. finally I change to $555.54 and it goes through, claiming I refunded $499.99. but the penny is no longer in my balance so it actually refunded $500.00.

this is clearly a bug. however, in the two weeks since I reported it to Odesk, I finally got an answer "Our Engineering Team advised that the error you encountered is just temporary since the refund was issued when there was still a negative balance on the account as funds are still pending. To avoid confusion, if you need to issue a refund in the future, you may first allow the Pending balance to post and clear the negative balance from the previous refund that you requested. This will be on April 29, 2015."

which means they totally misread my bug report, and marked the ticket as solved.

if I treated my clients like this, I'd expect to be fired. get it together, Odesk.

if you want to keep this new, insane, way of having freelancers calculate refunds, then use a conditional for when the default amount is selected, so you can recalculate and avoid the rounding error. and there's absolutely *no* excuse for $555.55 not working regardless, as it's .0055555555 less than the full gross amount.

this is more of a rant than anything, but if any other freelancers would like to help me shame Odesk into fixing it, please join in. or alternatively, if you can explain to me how the answer I got from customer service is appropriate, I'll gladly pick up my marbles and go home. thanks.

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Garnor M Member Since: Oct 29, 2014
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Thanks for the summary John. I'll send the feedback to our development team so they can dig into this further and evaluate a clearer solution.