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can Upwork also verify if the client belongs to or owns a company?

I think it would be really helpful if we can see in the job post if the client is a freelancer outsourcing a project or if it's a direct client from a Upwork verified company. I think it will also reduce the number of spam jobs.


Hi Rushil,


Thank you for taking the time to share your suggestions. I will share this with the relevant team.


Thank you,


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I am not sure how will that minimize spam jobs? Also, Upwork does not conduct any verification on client or their company... just to give you a glimpse if I were to create a client account and enter my company as Upwork, Upwork will mostly likely not even notice that and let it pass. 


As for your concern about freelancers hiring other freelancers, there is nothing wrong with it...in the past, I have worked for a few freelancers to complete the work for their clients and I have also hired other freelancers to lower my work load...there is nothing wrong in it and it is not against any ToS

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