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can someone help me please, i have some questions about ending a contract.



can someone help me, please? I find myself facing a dilemma.


You see, I am new to upwork, jobs are slow but moving forward, its ok.  some time ago I got my second job here on upwork, we agreed on milestones and I got paid for the first, but after that, the client disappeared.


She has always been slow to answer. After I delivered the first milestone she took a week to review it, but after that, she never talked to me again.  I tried to reach her outside Upwork without success, I even found the domain of a translation company registered in her name and linked to her Gmail account but it appears to be dead now...


so there is my dilemma; Do I end the contract? I delivered the agreed translation and got paid for it but she never posted the following milestones. 


I just don't want my success scores to suffer, but I also don't want to have a perpetually "in progress" job on my profile.


what to do?


Hi Richard,


Someone from our team will assist you in reaching out to your client. If you need additional help, please feel free to post your question here or reply to the ticket sent by our team to you as well. You can access your ticket here

~ Joanne
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