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can't access the "accept interview" page

I doubt I'm the only one getting this bug.


It happened once before, and I didn't reply to an invite in less than 24hrs because of it. My JS suffered for it, apparently.


I can't access the invite neither directly from the email I received, nor by going through the regular route - I see I have an invitation, I click and go to active applications and once there, hen I click on the interview invite, I get taken back to the new jobs stream/homepage.


this is pathetic. I want this job. What can I do instead of waiting for customer service? is there a way of automatically accepting the interview through a direct email reply?


To make matters even clearer, this is the link I can't access: https://www.upwork.com/applications/299241155

it just goes back to the homepage.


any adivce would be most welcome!


Just standard: clear cache, cookies, history, change browser, contact customer support. Good luck.

Don't correct my grammar!

Hi Milos,


I checked into you account and it looks like you have now accepted the invite. Let me know if you are having any other issues.




Hi, could anyone here help me in same problem? I can't accept interview and also can't access to Job application to trace my apply



I had the same problem. I accepted the interview and sent a message to the client. He suggested that I apply to his posted job. When I tried to do that, I got the message that I have already applied for that job, I know I did not. My name was on the list of the applicants with the note "initiated by the client". Now the client probably thinks that I am an idiot who cannot even apply for the job. Any ideas?

I'd go and tell him, ok I've applied and my name should now be in your list. I wouldn't say anything about the other problem.


Hi Marina,


If you replied to the clients invitation to apply for the job, applied and now your name shows in the list of applicants, the client now needs to accept your application and invite you to the interview or decline.

~ Valeria

Hi Dohuunduy,


Are you still experiencing the issue? I have checked your account and I don't see any invitations to interview but you have three active candidacies. Let me know if you need any additional assistance.


Thank you!

~ Valeria
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