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categories upwork profile

i wanna ask ,what is the purpose of "categories" on upwork settings? because i search myself on search using filter by using my categories and i couldnt find myself, so what purpose is it made then?


Hi Irham,


We understand how detailed and specific your work can get. Upwork offers the following categories to make sure you connect with the right people and projects. We’re always updating the skills listed on Upwork to reflect the current trends and talents, so check back often to see if your category has changed.


You can search for a Freelancer starting here, then you can use the "Filter by Categories" feature to narrow down searches. I was able to search for your profile by simply typing your first and your last name. Please check this screenshot for your reference.


~ Arjay

if i just search my name without "filter" i can find my profile but when i search it using "filter by categories" for example my categories is "web development" i can't find my profile

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