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cheating client(

I have problems with the client. I gave him the files that I previously agreed with him. I worked almost without sleep and finished work even earlier than we agreed. Instead of payment, I saw additional lists of works, which he suggested I do. Moreover, he ignores my requests for payment. I looked at the comments about him and realized that I was not the first whom he deceived.

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Hi Kolya,


I'm sorry to hear about the problem you're having on your contract. If you can't resolve the issue directly with your client and have already delivered the work as agreed but the client is requesting changes once you submit a Milestone, use the option and initiate a dispute for the Milestone funds. 


sorry to hear that. Always good to read feeback. I NEVER work with a client with even 1 bad feedback. Do you not have a milestone set up? If you have stop there and get paid that if he ignores you.


Report him to upwork if he doesnt pay. He will have to pay or get kicked from upwork. Sadly a lesson learnt and move on.

I already reported to UpWork. I was very amazed and depressed.This is a great experience for me.


Scope creep.  It sucks, bigtime, but you will run into it.


There are stellar clients; then there are clients from hell.  As a freelancer, you're bound to deal with both.


Remember, just because they aren't professional doesn't mean that you don't have to be.

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