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client ask payment back after on page seo work

i get an order from a client. I start doing work on the website. but after work is complete he said he will not pay any money because your work is not good. this is an affiliate website that topic is **Edited for Community Guidelines**

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Excuse me bro but this is for your own interest :
There are a lot of fails you have made like this screenshot which shows the images out of its circled frames

Screenshot 2022-07-20 103902.png


and most of the Dart samples are in DIFFERENT DIMENSIONS and this is not good for the site and business, you have to make them in fixed dimensions and sizes.

even some of them are very small, and some have to change the background of them to white.


Problems with the full interface of the site. you have to improve it all I guess.

And don't send a proposal to a job you cant handle well just send in what you're really good with. "THAT'S AN ADVICE FOR THE LONG-TERM AND AS A BEGINNER YOU NEED TO EARN HIGH RATING REVIEWS NOT MONEY"


Hi Muhammad,


I'm sorry to hear about that. I checked your account and found no active contracts. Please remember to not start working on a project unless a contract is in place. This way, the client deposits an amount before you work on the project. 


I also suggest that moving forward, you may want to try offering a revision so the clients know that you are after providing them with a high-quality project that will meet their standards.

~ AJ
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It was inappropriate for this client to ask you for money, ask you for a refund, or try to avoid paying you for the work that you did.


That is not how hiring people works. When you hire people, they do some work for you, and then you pay them. You don't get a magical "free work" card by claiming someone's work isn't good. That is not how Upwork intends for its system to be used.


If I hire someone and don't love their work, the solution is to fire them and continue the project with someone else. But they don't get their time back if they give the money back. So I can't simply "not pay" them. That is a ridiculous notion. It isn't like returning a toaster to Walmart.

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