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client asks for security fee in advance to start a project for freelancer.

I have applied for a job on Upwork. There is an email that anyone interested can contact via email. I submitted a proposal and send an email too
I contact them, then the lady on the email (**Edited for Community Guidelines**) asked me to contact their assistant manager (**Edited for Community Guidelines**) on Telegram.
I contacted her and after that she took the test and she is asking for registration money.
At first I didn't understand, but after a few seconds I realized something was wrong.
I have email and message conversation screenshots.
Please help me to report these scammers.


**Edited for Community Guidelines**

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Hey Syeda, it's against Upwork's Terms to use the email. Please report the business. Thanks!

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Hey Syeda, it's against Upwork's Terms to use the email. Please report the business. Thanks!

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There is a link on each job page, "Flag as inappropriate" click that chooses an appropriate option, and submit! 

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Why did you not report the job posting for containing contact information? This is not allowed. 

I'm new here, it's my first time on Upwork. 


If you're new here, learn all about how to use Upwork before you send any more proposals. You can start here: https://community.upwork.com/t5/Working-On-Upwork-101/Finding-Work/ta-p/1084729


Being new is not a reason or excuse to not educate yourself, it is actually even more reason to do so. 

I understand that no one can ask you for any money or ask you to take payment outside of Upwork because it is against Upwork's terms and conditions.
But I really didn't know that no one can ask you to contact via email or telegram, etc. or you should even complain about a job that says to contact outside of Upwork.
I am admitting my mistake and I am not justifying my mistake. Being a new I should have been careful.

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Hi Syeda - As others have mentioned here, it's against Upwork's terms of service to communicate outside of Upwork when there is no contract in place. Also, it's pretty much always a scam when clients ask you to communicate via Telegram. Note that freelancers will never need to pay any type of "registration" fee to start working with a client. 

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Multiple "yikes" here. 
First, read the Upwork ToS. Never, ever contact a non-client (meaning, they haven't yet offered you the contract) outside of Upwork. This could land YOU in hot water with Upwork AND it's a surefire way to get yourself scammed. If they insist on doing so, report them immediately. 

Second, there is no time in which an actual client, on OR off Upwork, will ask YOU for payment. Clients pay you, never the other way around. If a client asks you to send them money, break contact. Simple as that. 

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Some spammers found here so be carefull and must learn about terms and condition upwork. Or start with learning path its very usefull.

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Only scammers asks for payment before you work for them. i have encountered them twice and i usually block them. This happens when you are asked to chat them outside Upwork.

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