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client disappeared before paying the last milestone

i'm working with a client on a fixed contract...he split it to milestones and we were working very good on all the milestones but before the last milestone he disappeared! suddenly stoped replying! but he was already had taken the requested document😔 (I'm working on creating 3D modeling and rendering shots for building and i sent to him the last edit he requested which was the latest requested revision and there was no more revisions it was just to confirm the last payment) so what can i do now the take the last milestone 😔
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It DOES NOT MATTER if the client disappears.


When I submit my work using the "Submit Work and Request Payment" button, then I get paid AUTOMATICALLY if the client has disappeared.


If there is a funded milestone, you will get paid automatically if you submit, just like me.


If you are saying that the client never funded the last milestone, then there is nothing you can do. You won't get paid for that. Learn from your mistake, and do not make the same mistake in the future.


In the future: Do not work on unfunded milestones.

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