client is unresponsive

Hello everyone, 


I am on my second milestone with a client, first one was paid and the client left a positive feedback.

But for the 2nd milestone, client is not responding, but he appears online each time I write a message to him. 


I showed him the work I did, he said he likes it but he asked me if I can change the color. I changed the color and even asked him to tell me which color he prefers (I gave him a link to color combinations on adobe kuler) if he want me to use another color combination and nothing, no reply ever since.


What is the best to do in such situation? to submit milestone approval along with the work I did so far?


Looking forward to your replies.


Thank you,




What you are supposed to do is NOT complicated.


You have finished the task you were asked to do. Then the client asked you to change a color, and you did that too.


So now you will use the green "Submit Work / Request $" button to re-submit the work. And you will do NOTHING ELSE.


You will not click the button again, because that resets the clock. You do NOT want to reset the clock. You will not contact the client again with messages or email or anything.


You will simply wait, and then after 14 days all the money funded in escrow will be paid to you AUTOMATICALLY.

re: "What is the best to do in such situation? to submit milestone approval along with the work I did so far?"



That is exactly right.


I think that what you are thinking here... (and I have seen this among other new freelancers) is that the client needs to approve your work before you use the "Submit Work" button. No, not at all.


As SOON AS you finish the project, you should use the Submit button. You should never wait to get approval from the client. The purpose of the button is to present the client with an opportunity to review and approve the work.


If the client wants something changed, he has a button he can click to request that change.


Remember: YOU are the professional. YOU know when you have completed the task that you agreed to do in the contract. When that happens, use the submit button.

Thank you so much Preston, I will do that.