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client not responsive

I have written an article on fixed price project and submitted to the client one day before the deadline. My client is not responded after 10 days of the deadline. I have ended the contract. how can I get payment?  

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Clients are not obligated to respond.


As freelancers, we get automatically when clients do not respond.


Submit. Wait 14 days. Get paid. Simple.


We do not end the contract before we get paid.


Was the contract funded? Typically it should be impossible for the freelancer to end the contract without forfeiting the escrow money.

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@Faisal M wrote:

I have ended the contract.

 Why did you do that?


how can I get payment?  


As it was fixed rate, you sent the money back to the client when you ended the contract.


You'd have been paid what was funded automatically 14 days after submitting had you just been patient.



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Community Manager

Hi Faisal, 

I checked your account and it looks like you were already paid for two milestones. Did you and your client agree on a third milestone? If you were expecting a third milestone, please communicate with your client so that he can issue a bonus payment for you. 


Please note that only the money that's held in escrow is secure. Upwork can't help you collect any funds that have been promised but not deposited to escrow. Therefore, it's important that the amount held in escrow is appropriate for the work you will perform for that milestone.

~ Avery


What the Forum Moderator told us about this contract is GOOD NEWS.


This means that you completed two milestones, and you were paid for those milestones.


So all the money you could be paid - you have already received that.


When you closed the contract, there was no money in escrow that you forfeited or sent back to the client.


You didn't lose anything by doing that.


If you completed work on two milestones, then you have already been paid, and you're fine.


If you completed work on THREE milestones, then it means the third one was not funded. As the Moderator explained, Upwork can't help you with that. But you ARE allowed to message the client and ask him to pay you money for that milestone. Even though the contract is closed, the client may pay you using the Pay Bonus tool on his end.


(But I would only message him once. And then move on. It won't benefit you to obsess about that.)

@Preston H wrote:



(But I would only message him once. And then move on. It won't benefit you to obsess about that.)

 I am 100% agree with that. 

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