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** client unethical

The client post a job, i response with a proposal covering the rate that the client published.
The clinet put like Active the proposal and asks for detailed activities in order to implement the job or
know how the solution should be implemented, using the chat when the job-proposal its in Active STATUS.
After two or three days, the cliente close the job work, and open other new one,
with a lower rate than the initial Job Offer.

**Edited for Community Guidelines**

This client is unethical, be carefull, I have evidence of everything, in case they require the right of reply.

the support of UpWork iit does not work ( **Edited for Community Guidelines** 5 days ago I reported this situation and I have not had an answer), for everything it sends you to publish to the community

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The best way to deal with such clients is to ignore and move on :).

It's business and clients will ask you questions and try to get the lowest pricing. Don't take it to heart.

Some tips that might help you:
1. Have a list of things you can answer for free and others you would want the client to buy your consultancy for.
2. State it clearly to the client.
3. Don't build any expectations till you are offered a contract and you accept it.
4. Don't flag clients just because they don't offer you the job and want a cheaper price.
5. It's always your personal choice, how detailed you want to be in your conversation with clients, what level of value you want to provide for free during the prospecting period and what you want to charge the client for.

UPWORK support has been pretty prompt to me always. I don't see what they can do here. The client has the right to post it and repost it , till they find someone they think is suitable. Twice is definitely not spam.

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