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client using my name for work not done by me

I had a contract with a client. They ended the contract with no reason, but the thing is that they keep using my name and putting my name in articles that I haven't written or checked. I found out checking their website. We had an agreement that I would fact check any article before they put my name and I would be paid for it but they still put my name without my permission and without asking me to fact check. Whom should I talk to about this?

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re: "Whom should I talk to about this?"


The client.

But they don't reply and the person of the company I was contacting through upwork told me he doesn't work there anymore.

Contact the company then.

This is a very odd situation.


You may need to send a short official-looking letter to the company that is using your name which explains that if they don't stop using your name, your lawyer will be filing legal action against them, and they have two weeks to comply. Provide the name and contact information for the lawyer.


If you make it problematic enough for them, then they will presumably stop using your name. Why not just use someone else's name? Or make up a name?

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