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How do I get clients to contact me for job contract?

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Hi, Peter! You're brand-new with no contracts, so it may take a while. You need to build a reputation before clients will seek you out. (Except for scammers, who prey on newbies, so watch out for that.)


I mean, it's possible, sure. I got approached fairly early on by legitimate jobs. But I don't think I was approached before I had any jobs at all. Clients want to know what other clients think of your work before hiring you.


So in the beginning, you'll probably do the approaching. Go for jobs you KNOW you can absolutely knock out of the ballpark, do an amazing job on them, and start building a reputation. If you obtain, and maintain, a great reputation (and have a JSS that reflects that), you'll start getting approaches.


Good luck!

Hello mam 

U said write, but if anyone in the company give the opportunity,like according to there skills  send the job application for interview and hire them it's better to both the company and worker.


Go to Find Work and apply to projects you 100% know you can do, and do really well. After each job, you'll receive feedback. If you do great work and get great feedback, then eventually, you will have a JSS (job success score) that will encourage clients to seek you out. 👍

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