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conclusion about top rated plus

Hey guys , 
hope everyone is well and ok and you families are safe ! 

so i had confusion regarding Top rated plus on upwork since am already top rated ... so as upwork says top rated plus requirment is 10k$ in 12 months and worked on large project , so since my speciality is video editing , with how much amount of contract upwork will consider as large contract ? just curious 
thanks in advance ! 
best regards 
Hammad nobi..,

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I'm not sure which category you would fit in here, but here are the amounts:


Accounting and Consulting$10,000
Admin Support$10,000
Customer Support$20,000
Data Science and Analytics$10,000
Design and Creative$5,000
Engineering and Architecture$5,000
IT and Engineering$10,000
Sales and Marketing$10,000
Web, Mobile and Software Development$15,000


Hi thanks for replying tiffany , since am video editor so it should be Design and creative , how to i check which category am in on upwork ?? is there anyway 
but i do think it should be design and creative ..

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