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connecting the account to the payment system

I have worked with a company called **Edited for Community Guidelines** and after I submitted my work they asked me to pay 150$ to connect my account to their payment system !!!! ARE THEY SCAMMERS !! does that make any sense ??

why would I pay for that and after they asked me to pay 300$ for a membership card ?? and when I said this is nonsense, I cannot pay this amount just to get my payment, the person who talked to me using telegram keeps sending me videos of people have received their payments just to convince me to pay 300$ to get my salary !!!

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Scam. They never intend to pay you a single $. 

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Yeah, they are about to scam you. That's is the usuall game. Pleaes, DON'T PAY A DIME

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Unfortunately, scammers really like to target people who are new to Upwork.

The best think you can do is take some time to figure out how things work before you accept to work for someone. In your case, it looks like you didn't have a contract, so you should do a little research and find out how fixed-price and hourly contracts work on Upwork. At the bottom of the page, there's a link to Upwork's terms of service. Those are terms you agree to every time you take a contract on Upwork, and you need to know what they are. The easiest part to begin with might be the Terms of Use.

This article describes different types of scams you might encounter. Freelancers need to vet their own clients on Upwork, and I think everyone who signs up should read this before taking contracts.


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