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contract ended

hi everyone,

pllease can someone help me,

my longterm contract ended on Monday, but the client is still asking me to do work for them. But i dont have a contract anymore.

what should i do?


Hi Katherine,


Thank you for reaching out. You have full discretion over whether you want to work with the client but please know without an active contract, you cannot bill your client.


If the client is asking for a revision, you might want to check on your submitted work in order to close this chapter with the client on a good note as clients have the option to request a refund. It is best to communicate all this with your client and ask them why they want to still work on the project.

~ AJ
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Clients can reuse the job post and repost it. They can find you, invite and hire you, or they can share the job link, so you can click the "Reapply" button, and write a new proposal. But the Connects will be deducted that what I experienced last night.

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It's very simple: A client cannot ask you to provide FREE work under any circumstances.  If they are trying to get you to work without a contract, they are asking for FREE work.  That's actually a violation of the Upwork Terms of Service, so I am VERY confused as to why a moderator, of all people,  would tell you it is at your 'discretion' to work for FREE.  It's very simple: If the contract is over, you don't perform any new work until/unless they send another contract over that you accept.  You never work on Upwork without a contract in place, and you never provide 'free' work. 

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