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contracts and payments

Hello everyone,


I need an advice on contracts and payments.

Should we sign additional contract or  we are under contract after we accept an offer.

After we strat working, how to charge it, like we have to creat an invoice and then to sent , and if so, where to sent it.I am a new here so I am a little bit confused.






No it is all pretty straight forward. I only work with fixed contracts, so this might be different for hourly contracts. But anyways. 


You accept the offer, and then you work. In the maintime your client is supposed to fund the work. 


Once you finished you send the work and request a payment (or just ask your client to release the payment in a message). If they do there is like a three day waiting before you will see the money on your paypal (or whatever account you use). And that is it. 

Thank you!

Please read up on how the payment systems work.  For hourly jobs, the week ends on Sunday.  You have until Monday midday to make changes to your  work diary.  The client then has several days to review it.  If all is okay, payment is available the following Wednesday, or approximately 10 days after the week ended.


For fixed price contracts, the hold on payment is somewhat less if the client approves the payment.  If they don't push the button, you will be paid 14 days after you submitted the work.


Never begin work without a contract showing in "My jobs" tab.  Never begin work on hourly jobs without payment method having been verified.  Never begin working on fixed price contracts unless the escrow has been funded.

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