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crowd sourcing to ban crooked clients ?

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Well I just encountered a new wrinkle with a crooked client. After a 7 week break from contracting, I hired on with a client who has spent over $30k on oDesk and I broke one of my own client vetting rules - feedback rating of only 2.15. This client operates this way - hires several people (don't know how - multiple job postings? multiple accounts ?) to fix the same website problems. When you tell him that you have found a solution to one of his problems, you find that the server password does not work now, he gets someone else on his hidden crew (lower pay rate?) to make the changes and demands a refund because you did not fix anything and he fixed the problem himself (yeah right - he did not understand that Perl was a language compiler/interpreter and that different servers may have different Perl versions). Why doesn't oDesk realize that 30+ contractors (not a big enough sample ?) have rated this guy as a 2.15 jerk (I gave him a 2.4) and ban him from the site ? If oDesk keeps censoring the names of obviously crooked clients from this forum, I vote for a forum independent of oDesk where contractors are treated better than slaves (I refuse to use the new approved tag for us "freelancers" since there is nothing free about slaving for oDesk and getting screwed 1,001 ways by crooked clients). Question: So why doesn't oDesk use the crowd sourced data that we produce for them with our averaged 2.15 ratings to remove this crook ? Answer: Because he has spent $30k+ on oDesk and they don't give a shout (polite version of s..t) about us slaves. Yours Furiously Marelli
Community Guru
true, they dont do much about bad clients, and you are not allowed to post their information here, but there is nothing that stops you from posting their name, and other details on the web. There are several websites that allow you to post your experiences, both good and bad, publicly. Personally, I stared a free wordpress blog just to freely talk about crooked clients, not only the ones on oDesk, but the ones on many other platforms as well. I allow anyone to post their story, even client rebuttals, and there are many many other such blogs out there too. You can even post about your client on ****. *[Removed by Admin]
Thanks Heather - I thought it strange that you referred to your blog but provided no URL - was it censored by the admins ? Marelli
I feel you on this subject, there are a lot of really bad clients on Odesk and we are supposed to just roll over and take it because Odesk makes money from them. As you can see by the *** and below the post it says *removed by administration that they do not want us to know where we can go to expose these crooks on Odesk.
I did not put my blog URL because that is against the TOS on here, I do try to follow the rules. But my blog is part of my profile on here, so you can just look on my public profile, under my portfolio 🙂 Along with good and bad reviews, I have stolen work posted on the blog, which is why it is a part of my profile. As for oDesk censoring, they do that, what that last item was they cut out, I am not sure, since I only mentioned one place. if you google rip off reports, you will find the site I was reffering to 🙂
I'm just asking because I had an issue with posting a link here on teh forums... it is ok to put it in your profile then? If so... I will too Also, I see your profile as private?
You are not allowed post links on the forum, but adding a link to your own blog in your portfolio is fine, as long as you are not advertising to take clients off platform for work. Most just use it to showcase their work publicly without worry over theft of "free samples". Ah...yes, my profile is private, but it will be public again on the 8th of Jan. When I am too busy with current projects to take on new work, or just when I dont want to work for a few days, I make it private so that I dont show up in the listings for work invites. I have a problem that I cant say no to a direct invite 😕 which can cut my down time, or make my work pile really heavy.
I could be wrong but I'm sure I read somewhere that you weren't allowed to do this if people could make contact with you through your blog or website. Again, I'm not sure but I think that's what I was told before.
I was told this, too. That's why my profile doesn't mention my personal website, and why one of my portfolio pieces is a pdf copy of an article, rather than a link to the original article on a different website; the article on that website includes a short author bio with contact info that is not in the pdf.
But I have always had it, but I dont have a seperate contact listed on that blog, it just refers back to my profile here via links and forwards, so that may be in fact why it has never been an issue. And like I mentioned, it is all about feedback, and not a place where I advertise my services, I have a differet site for that, not listed on oDesk.
[quote=Heather H.]but I dont have a seperate contact listed on that blog, it just refers back to my profile here via links and forwards, so that may be in fact why it has never been an issue. [/quote] Never mind
Too many rules. Drives me nuts. Link on forums or profile...all ends up going to the same place. Personal website without contact links listed still has WhoIs contact info as most people don;t bother with guarding that. Same with all this linking social media profiles within oDesk, but not showing the links within our profiles... all they are doing is taking advantage of us by getting access to all our contacts so they can market oDesk, it doesn't benefit us in any way what-so-ever. My view is, if their service was good enough people wouldn't want to take their business elsewhere. If oDesk doesn't feel confident with their own services, then that's a sign of serious weakness for the future of the platform where they will have no choice but to create a 'police state' for lack of other entertaining words. To oDesk: Make a platform/service that people would WANT to use regardless, and we will! If not... someone some day will create something better or a different approach to connecting us with clients and make oDesk/ELance a fleeting trend like MySpace was