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pronob g Member Since: Nov 18, 2015
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hii sir.madam,

                           i am pronob from india not getting job after bidding, please help me out .

thanks and regards 



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David B Member Since: Mar 21, 2015
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The disconnect for me, as a client, is to see that you're offering typing and editing services in English, and yet the one line in your Overview section is barely a sentence, without capitalization, punctuation, etc.  How you present yourself is absolutely critical to your potential clients; there's a reasonable assumption that you've spent more effort on your profile than you will on their work.

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Dietmar Thomas B Member Since: Aug 11, 2015
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Dear Pronob


It seems that you are absolutely wasting your connects!

If, after reading your proposal a client would go to your profile, what would he find? Basically nothing!


As David already pointed out you only have one sentence that lacks efficiency in everything. You display no relevant skills test or exam to show that you are a good and fast typist. 

The displayed certificate is for a computer course and has not much to do with typing.

You mention no wpm-speed relevant facts either.


Here is what you need to start with:

- Work on a new overview with more length explaining what you will do for a customer. What will his benefit be when hiring you instead of somebody else.

- Take some relevant tests

- Check where you can take an examination for typists that will issue you an acknowledged certificate that you can display in your profile

- Work on your proposals because that is part of your marketing strategy. Make it catching!


Please do not forget that typing is a well-populated area of expertise and you will always be facing stiff competition.

Nobody came in here, did little and became a millionaire. We all had to toil to get started!


Wishing you all the best


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Linda P Member Since: Aug 1, 2015
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You can go to ( ) and test your typing online. Also, you can download it for free, as it has exercises that will help immensely. 


I test at least every month or two, especially to see how my speed and accuracy progresses. I even go through the exercises, sometimes just for fun.