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Hi best friends, I love odesk. I have a question. When a freelancer declines my job, means that he/she cannot do the job? or that i am not a good customer? cheers~!

It can mean a lot of different things. The freelancer might not have the time, may not be able to meet your deadline, is not interested in the work, or your budget might be too low. If everyone you invite is declining your job then you might need to look at the budget and the deadline.

Thanks David

David is right it could be a lot of reasons. Perhaps you need to reword your ad or put more details in, but many times it is for the reasons already mentioned when someone declines a job. I don't do fixed rate jobs, and generally I have very limited time, so if I do make myself available it is for short jobs or a few extra hours a week as my schedule is already very busy, so I get kind of picky about extra work I pick up. I am sure it has nothing to do with you, but perhaps you need more details or to redo your ad. Good Luck Christos.
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