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dispute accept reject?

I initiated a dispute, and since then I have not received any information. In the dispute center, I see two different buttons for accepting or rejecting the dispute, I do not understand which button to press (should I press some of them or wait?) and what will happen after. 

Ok, I already I clicked the button "accept disput" to continue the disput to get the money for my work back to me. Did I make it right? Because I didn't find any information about it.


Did you get an email that confirms your dispute and says a mediator will contact you? The final step for this is that the client has to "accept" or "reject" your dispute. It's weird wording, but once that happens a dispute is triggered and this "room" is created (not sure how to refer to it, but it looks like the ticketing interface).


The room they create is placebo, so I would not click any buttons. I don't know why Upwork does it. My guess is so that the client and freelancer can just go at it for a while and let off steam before the mediator gets there. The room is useless and does nothing. I don't even think the mediators read it.


After the dispute is initiated, a mediator will email you individually. That's the only thing that matters. A ticket is created so your communication is logged. That's the part that you have to take seriously. 


Upwork needs to get rid of those accept/reject buttons. 



Don't feel bad about not understanding what to do.

I think these buttons confuse nearly everybody who sees them or hears about them.


Jennifer is correct about that screen needing a major overhaul. Or it needs to be removed entirely.

My guess is that the room and buttons are in case either party comes to an agreement, but I would let the mediator handle it instead of clicking buttons. You can't get to the money anyway, so let the mediator handle release of the escrow.


My experience though is that the client just rants in the room and threatens not to pay you and calls you arrogant and unprofessional and lets you know that they called Upwork and reported you and all the sweaty comments they can come up with. You can totally just ignore them and let them rant.


I do not know the details of your situation.


But I can point out that filing a dispute is:

a) something that should be avoided

b) is mainly only of value for freelancers


If you are a client, then filing a dispute is usually a waste of time and resources.


Can you tell us more about your situation, particularly how much money are you trying to get back?

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