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eBay scam? Dropshipping, transferring them the $ can I really verify..?

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Jennifer M Member Since: May 17, 2015
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@Petra R wrote:

@Ahja B wrote:

REWARD: I make almost three hundred dollars for dropshipping. Not even having to complete listing details or photos myself. Most minimal amount of work to put in EVER.

 The last person who came to the forum ended up having to pay back over $ 10000


There is exactly 0% chance of this being genuine, and it's as old a scam as the hills.


I see this dudes message was removed. Wow on $10k. Ouch.


I have a grandfathered unlimited ebay account that every loser ebay dropshipper wants. I wouldn't let these people touch my account unless they want to hand over about $50k to buy the account.



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Ahja R Member Since: Mar 13, 2016
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Ok great-you confirmed my assumptions. Thank you!
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Ahja R Member Since: Mar 13, 2016
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Yes totally agreed! Thanks for the info.

I have never let anypme else use my account but have had successful dropship relationships with vendors in the past.. A well researched, no language barrier, relationship Smiley Happy

I would never risk my account and hard earned feedback so much work is put in prior to any decisions I make with it..down to the purchases I make for resell.. Never mind drop shipping, etc.

Thanks again!