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*edited* I want to make this is a legitmet job


Does anyone know about a job posted for **Edited for Community Guidelines**?

I want to make this is a legitmet job.

Thank you

Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi Brenda,


I'll have the team review the job and take actions if needed. Generally, if the client offers to pay you outside of Upwork, asks you to send a payment for an application or any sort of software/equipment or requires you to do any actions that violate Upwork ToS, please stop communicating with them and flag the job post as inappropriate. Always make sure you have an active job under My Jobs tab before you start working and the client's payment method is verified.


To help you work safely on Upwork, please check tips and warning signs shared in this thread.

~ Valeria

I have been contacted by email through gmail.

Is this ok or should he use this site for communication?

Sorry for so many questions this is my first job on this site.


Thank You,


Hi Brenda,


While it's not against ToS to communicate with client off of Upwork, we still encourage users to use Upwork Messages for initial interview and to document main terms, conditions and deadlines going forward for record purposes.

~ Valeria

Thank You so much for your help. I will wait and see what i hear next.

re: "Does anyone know about a job posted for..."



Your question shows that you do not understand how Upwork functions, and you do not understand the nature of scammers.


Client names and company names are irrelevent.


Do not ask about names.


What is important is a client's behavior and the information you can see about them on the Upwork website.


Scammers copy the names of real companies and real company employees from the Internet, and they use them to trick you. If you google these names, then you are doing what the scammers want you to do.


If you want to be safe, do what I do. Do not look at the names or think about the names. Do not "research" the names.


Look at the Upwork information and the client's behavior.

Has the client hired contractors before? [GOOD]

Does the client have a history of posting jobs and never hiring anybody? [BAD]

Does the client have past hires, but bad reviews? [BAD]

Is the client payment-verified? [GOOD]

Is the client offering you an actual contract [GOOD] or asking you to work for free? [BAD]

This is a new claint. I have no way of verafying anything about them.