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I am new to this website and had submited to a proposal. 


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This job ended up accepting me and they are **edited for Community Guidelines**


I am nervous it is a scam. I did email them my address and just want to know what do I do?


I ended up flagging it and withdrawing my proposal. 


You emailed them to provide them with your mailing address?


Why would they need that?


I don't know for certain that this is a scam.

But normally only scammers ask for your mailing address.


Did they even hire you for real?


If you click on My Jobs -> My Jobs in your Upwork interface, do you see the contract from this client listed?


If their contract is NOT listed there, then you have NOT been hired.

It told me to start a google hangout chat and do a online interview. They ask me to email them my address and phone number once they told me they want to offer me the job. Yes I ended up emailing them my address for some reason. Now I regret it. 


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Same thing happened to me.... 

I also gave them my name and address and email, phone number...

I regret it too..

Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi Aria,


Could you please pm me the job post details so I can check if our team already addressed the job you're referring to?


re: "I did email them my address and just want to know what do I do?"


You already flagged the job posting.

And you already withdrew your job proposal.


There is absolutely nothing left for you to do.


Learn from your mistake. Don't do that again.


I have completed 120 jobs. I never sent my mailing address to any client. They don't need it.

But DO NOT WORRY about this particular mistake. At most, they probably just wanted to send you a fake check. If you receive something from them, throw it away. But as you did not proceed through their scam script, they probably won't do anything at all. They know it would be a waste of money to do so.


And keep in mind that these people don't even live in the same country as you. So just forget about it at this point.

Thank you Preston, I started freaking out after the interview was done. This was my first online work and I never give out information. 


Hi Mary, 

This is an unusual request and one we do not require meeting. If clients request for your address, you may send them a general location instead of sending your exact address so that you can make sure that your personal information is safe from being used for fraudulent activities. 


You may check out the Safety First section of this thread to help you identify red flags you should be aware of in the future. 

~ Avery

Thank you Avery, I just can't believe I fell for that. 

I was also contact by them. I went through the interview until they asked for my address. I copied and pasted this thread and sent it to the google hangout contact. I asked the person why their company is being flagged on Upwork as a possible scam. I have saved my entire conversation with this person should Upwork need it.  



Hi Jennifer,


Thanks for reporting. We'll make sure the job and the client are reviewed and actions are taken.

~ Valeria

If a potential "client" asks for your address, don't even give them a "general location." Give them NOTHING AT ALL except a referral to the Help section and a ticket reporting their job as a scam. When I encounter this nonsense, I merely say, "You know it's against Upwork rules to ask for this information, don't you?" Funny thing...I seldom hear from them again. 🙂