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**edited for Community Guidelines** or another name

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Kasper D Member Since: Dec 12, 2014
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I,m not grazy , **edited for Community Guidelines** Everything is programmed I want to possess. Without protections, so that another programmer from India can further develop the program. I paid over $ 3100 for a program where I can not use. I want a good explanation of the program. Also how the program again, under a different hosting account can take, for example **edited for Community Guidelines**. When you do this quickly than the attached letter goes to the board of Odesk. KasperDear management Odesk, I have problems with my programmer **edited for Community Guidelines** and his brother **edited for Community Guidelines**. They wants my project does not bring to a successful conclusion. He slows down the process tremendously. **edited for Community Guidelines** are already working from June to create a program for me. More than a half year!!!! It took me more than $ 3100. I have a program where I can not go now. **edited for Community Guidelines** is also not going to finish it. I may also hire any other programmer. He programmed the program not to me, while I own. I paid them for their work. With begging letters and do not prepare the program they put me under pressure. I also had to give them 5 stars, to ensure that the project continued. Below is a part of the communication between **edited for Community Guidelines** and me. I can see the entire email exchange forward to you, when you want. Then you have a complete overview of how **edited for Community Guidelines** dealing with your customers. I demand that the program is finished with a clear description of the program. 1.Begging letters **edited for Community Guidelines**

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Dianne M Member Since: Jul 25, 2013
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report your programmer to oDesk for trying to extort/negotiate a 5 star feedback, asking money before sending you unfinished work, and asking you to violate oDesk TOS.


It looks like a clear scam to me and at the very least, feedback extortion. I'm sorry to the two programmers involved but they should know this is what their actions look like.


Maybe the 'brother' is the same person trying to get a new oDesk profile, hence he keeps asking you to hire him under the new profile but I could be wrong. Let oDesk investigate and ask to see them both on skype just to be sure. 




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Valeria K Moderator Member Since: Mar 6, 2014
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Hi Kasper,


I am sorry to hear that your working relationship with your freelancer didn't end up as expected. As Dianne suggested, please, contact oDesk Customer Support and submit screenshots with the proof of violation.


Also, note that we had to edit your forum post as it is against the Community Guidelines to post names in accusation.


Thank you for your patience.

~ Valeria