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What category should elearning be listed under?





What do you mean by e-learning? Something  you have studied? For example, I have many qualifications I gained online, so I listed them under education, since everything can be checked and I have all paperwork to prove it.


Or something you  have taught? I teach English via Skype. Do you mean somethingn similar?


 Lastly, shouldn't that be a category on its own right? If you list categories in your profile, I am sure you can add it. 



Hi Carol

Sorry I wasn't clear.  I design and develop elearning modules using Storyline authoring software (online training).  So I want to show that I'm available for elearning jobs - I couldn't see where that was listed anywhere, or what category people would list elearning jobs?




Oh! That is seriously impressive!  I guess somebody has to develop the software I use for studying online.  🙂 


 Well, I would personally put that under 'software development' and maybe explain exactly what you do in your profile. If you could, attach some samples in your portfolio as well, this would convey a more clear idea of what it is exactly that  you do. 


However, I am not an expert on this subject, not a moderator. Just somebody trying to help. So those are my two cents; but I would wait for an expert's opinion on this matter so that they can advice you better than I can. 


 On that note, welcome to Upwork! And I hope you are successful! 🙂 

Thanks Carol:-)