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every day payment scams on Upwork. what is the solution to avoid form the scams?

I was reading a post of a freelancer from my country on another platform that her client has scammed her after the completion of the project successfully after 2 months.

How did he scam her?

He got his work done 2 or 3 months ago, left the 5-star review and was to about hiring her again soon but 

he disputed on Upwork via his bank and now his bank wants the money back.

and Upwork can't do anything in this matter.

What is the solution for it, Upwork has found? how is the Upwork Organization thinking to tackle these kinds of scammers?

because no one wants to give hard-earned money back to the scammers even after completing the projects successfully.

I am confused and don't want to get scammed like this.

can anyone please explain from Upwork how to tackle these kinds of people?

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Can anyone please explain from Upwork how to tackle these kinds of people?

They have a Trust and Safety Team that does their best to stop them.

it is really hurting people who worked hard to earn their livelihood. so I think Upwork should educate us on how to avoid from these kinds of scammers.

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Many many cases are coming but Upwork has no policy that applies to them! Some people blamed me some days ago. 

If freelancers work for money and that is legal. Whether simple or small work, they deserve to get paid. 

Any client hired me for legal work I'll work for them. If they're planning to scam the freelancers, it should be protected by Upwork. Not controls freelancers. 

This is a so deeply concern for Upwork now. Because freelancers are afraid to take an hourly job. UpWork said: The client is won't pay! So why does Upwork allow them for a running contract? 

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