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expired or has been canceled by the client email

I'd like to suggest that Upwork change the wording of the email "A job you applied to was closed". The wording in the email implies that you will get your credits back. Sometimes I do, sometimes I don't. Could there be two emails, one that days "Someone else was hired for the project. Thank you for being a part of Upwork." The other would say, "the job has expired or has been canceled by the client email and you will get your credits back".



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Upwork relies on a very small number of emails in situations like this, meaning that they either don't convey any real information or convey information that is straight up wrong (ie: "you have issued a refund" when money is taken from your account to issue a refund without your knowledge or consent)


It's a poor business decision, as customer service time could be significantly reduced through a one-time investment of writing and coding triggers for appropriate emails, but the issue has been raised many times in the two years I've been on Upwork (and presumably before) and it doesn't change. 


You may also receive auto-generated emails with links to thing like terms of service that no longer exist.

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