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extremely high CPU and memory usage by the Upwork Team app.

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Jennifer M Member Since: May 17, 2015
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I ran Windows 7 on 8GB and an i5 CPU and it was fine until I started adding programs. You need an upgrade at least on memory.


I'm running Windows 7 on 16GB and the latest i5 Skylark (I think that's the name) and right now Chrome is eating about 10GB (estimation)... maybe it's less like 8GB. Granted, I have a ton of tabs open along with Netflix streaming. 


But my experience is Windows 7 is no good on 8GB.



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George J Member Since: Nov 9, 2014
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This is my current load on my laptop (that I'm typing this on)


Winamp playing music

3 Internet Explorer windows, 1 with Gmail, Autotask ticketing, and 4 other tabs. One with two tabs open: O365 outlook webmail  for one client and OWA for a second client. The final IE window is open with this community forum and the reply I'm typing right now.

Oracle Virtualbox with an XP VM running with Firefirefox open to 13 tabs, Outlook, TeamViewer, and a few PuTTY sessions.


Firefox with 19 tabs open.

Two RDP sessions to machines out in my home office.

Opera Developer with 5 tabs

Channelizer 4 is also up 'cause something funky is going on with my wifi.


I'm at 6.92GB of RAM in use, right at the edge where it starts to become an issue.


(edit) added a screenshot, but I closed one RDP session before taking the screenshot so I'm using a bit less memory.



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George J Member Since: Nov 9, 2014
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Today I noticed one of my VM's where I work from running terribly. I check the task manager and, sure enough, Upwork was running at 97% CPU utilization and the three process combined clocked in at 1.2GB of RAM without the clock running! I took a screenshot but right before I did the CPU utilization dropped off to 0%.. Attached is the screenshot of the task manager and the app open side-by-side to show the clock stopped on the app and the high memory usage.



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Rodrigo G Member Since: Dec 20, 2017
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I do believe is not our pc or laptop ram or proccessor. Is the app, period. Closing the upwork app i can edit video, have a local server up with watchers on js, css and html all running at the same time with a reloader, chrome with at least 7 tabs, photoshop, illustrator and after effects everything at the same time and have better performance than upwork and after effects witch chrome less than 7tabs open at same time, no streaming nor video playing. Specially when upworks takes the screenshot the gpu usage goes higher than chrome's and ram goes higher than after effects... and after effects is used to do animations with vectors, proccess images, and reproduce sounds all at the same time. I have a 3.1ghz, 8ram, 1g of dedicated video and upworks sw mess everything up... aaah and runing on windows 10

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Aleksey B Member Since: May 4, 2016
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Ubuntu user here. I'm attaching screenshots of htop result on my Ubuntu 16. Second screenshot was taken when running Upwork app, the first one - right after the app was stopped. As you can see, Upwork App consumes 370MB.

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Luca C Member Since: Mar 6, 2017
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I have the same problem, it looks like the app is allocating memory and never releasing it. I had to kill it at 800mb of usage. I will have to restart it every 2-3 hours I think.


I have 6gb but I don't want to use/buy more, I see no real reason in that.

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Rodrigo G Member Since: Dec 20, 2017
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Same problem here, but with 8gigs. The problem is the same, I believe only having 16+gigs could possibly "fix it" but instead hide it. Just a question you restart the app or the pc/laptop?

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Joe T Member Since: Feb 12, 2018
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16GB isn't enough either! My Linux Mint 18.2 machine with Corei7 CPU and 16GB RAM almost became totally unresponsive, when I start the app. After a few minutes, I can work again slooowly in the app, but when I started the time, it seems to stop working at all. My whole system seems to freeze, I unable to do anything.

The app is completely useless in its current state...

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Christine A Member Since: Jul 1, 2016
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I have some quick questions, please?


Several members of the team I manage have reported receiving the following notification:


“System memory running low”


“Ensure your time is properly tracked by closing computer applications that are not in use”


What is this? has anyone else seen it? Is it possible that the computers they are using to work with are not adequate / compatible with the Upwork Tracker?


Thanks so much for any assistance you may be able to provide!




Goran V Moderator Member Since: Mar 24, 2017
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Hi Christine,

One of our team members will contact you directly, please take screenshots from the memory usage so that we can assist you further, thank you.