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feedback is NOT received by Client


I hope you have a good day. Actually, I will eleborate my situtation below to understand better

1) I have sent proposal to one off my client

2) He DID NOT DISCUSS the project and sent me an offer
3) So I decided to work on this project and accpeted his OFFER (Fixed Payment Job)

4) I have worked atleast for 2-3 hrs and SUCCESSFULLY completed a task

5) He satisfied with my work and RELEASED my money instantly (Without Feedback)
6) I got received my money but it is in ESCROW for 5 days atleast I assume

but my question is he has closed this contract so can he give me a FEEDBACK???
and he is HAPPY to do so but he can't figure out the feedback or review link or button
so How Can I guide him to get a feedback from him???
is this possible?

because it is good for me for FUTURE job and client as well....

Thank you,
I am AWAITING your reply,
Paresh Pawar


Hi Paresh,


Thanks for reaching out. Your client will be automatically requested for feedback if they end the contract. It is part of the process. When your client releases a milestone or final payment on a fixed-price job, it immediately shows as pending on your financial account. Pending payments become available for you to withdraw after the standard five-day security period. You can check this help article to learn more about getting paid for Fixed Price contracts. You may also share this help article with your client for more information about leaving a Feedback. 

~ Joanne
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Hi Joanne, thank you for your reply,
I have one situation where it could be the problem, I think
The client set the MILSTONE for fixed payment job (22-07-22)
but he APPROVED this molestone TODAY before 22nd july
so I am still seeing this Project is in IN PROGRESS tab on my profile

so that's y he CAN'T give the feedback
I am not sure about this platform how it works 
So Can you help me out???

I am AWAITING your reply,

Paresh Pawar

Hi Paresh,


Thank you for your response. You can ask the client to end the contract so the feedback option will be available to him.

~ AJ
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