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financial account was suspended and a big sum blocked

Hello! Hope someone can help me. Odesk suspended my account August,25 ("Unfortunately, we had to put the financial side of your account on a temporary hold while we review a certain transaction on your client’s account."). I have about $7,5k now which I can't withdraw. This money was earned from different projects and I worked hard to earn each dollar. I provided all information which was requested for current project. But haven't received any answer (only auto-answers) and any instructions how to unblock my account. I can't work also and afraid my account will be like a newbie without activity. At the earlier of September me and my family are planning a trip: booked hotel, bought tickets and made visa. But now when I see that such big sum was blocked I don't know what to do with this trip too. Please, can someone from oDesk stuff help me: clarify situation, provide instructions, and accelerate process? I really hope for your help, thanks! Best regards, Anton
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@Awantha K wrote:
My account was suspended. I really don't know why. I am working on two projects. I have a pending payment. That is the money which I was going to feed my family this month. So now we will have to keep starving. I am only sad about my parents. Please reactivate my account. I already sent a ticket. But no replies. I don' t know to whome I am going to tell

 Fake identity. You need to remove the photo from your profile.






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Hello Valeria.

I also have same issue. You are the most helpful person on Community.

Two days ago I received that my account is suspended for some possible issues. 

They don't provide detail information and I replied through my ticket that I will help them to clarify this problem.

But no reply after 2 days past, I have worked hard on upwork since I started work on upwork only 6 months ago.

Now I have nearly 2000$ on my account.

I do need money now and upwork is only place where I earn money.

Please help me Valeria.


Hi Rui,


We have followed up with the team and they will provide more infrormation through the ticket as soon as possible.


Thank you for your patience.

~ Valeria
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Ok, so I will try my luck here.


Been trying to get a response from the Upwork Support but all they can provide me with are automated responses and then all of a sudden yesterday, they just told me that they cannot do anything about the Financial suspension of my account. And that I can only "appeal" to this once the job has been completed. Which FORCED me and my client to end my LONG-TERM contract. Just to be able to pass this process. Too much insult added to injury, you bet!


While I provided all the information that they needed, and testimonials from my client (My longer-term client even tried to email numerous time, chat and call them only to get hang up on! I've been paying the 10% oDesk fee and the $0.99 withdrawal fee without complaint, so I am now "lost" with this process of appealing to get my account back. Only to be given automated responses which showed that no sincerity has been provided by the support that they are indeed "doing all their best" to help me.


I mean, you guys from the Upwork support team can do better than this! After all, When a proof has been sent / submitted  to justify the reason for the violation that led to the suspension, I strongly believe a freelancer's account should be reinstated. But at the end of the day, With my dismay and deep frustration, All I want to ask for is help.




Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi Georgyn, 

I can see that the team has emailed you and asked a specific question about your account suspension last Sunday. Could you please revisit that email and reply to the question so that the team can assist you better? 


We will be unable to discuss and disclose the details of your account suspension here in the forums. 



~ Avery
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I am having a similar issue, and I am not getting responses to my emails. My financial account has been placed on hold for a week.


What is most important is to get constant updates. You should not hold my funds without keeping me posted. This is really unfair! 

Hi Emmanuel,


Apologies for the delay as our support teams are currently experiencing a higher number of contacts than usual. Rest assured the team will address your concerns and questions in the ticket as soon as possible.

Please avoid creating several tickets or posts for the same concern so that the team could assist you more efficiently. We seek your patience and utmost understanding while sorting this out for you. Thank you!



Hi Andrea,


Thanks for your response. 

Hi Andrea,


Thanks. It's now sorted.

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