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first time i've had client ask for content to be changed

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Cairenn R Member Since: Aug 19, 2015
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"I don't like it" is meaningless critique. If they want something beyond the scope of the original agreement, and want rewrites and a new angle, that is different and new work and they should be charged accordingly.

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Preston H Member Since: Nov 24, 2014
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I know from experience that some clients are really decent people, but they don't understand fixed-price contracts. If you have a genuinely decent client who wants rewrites, revisions, etc., you can get them to pay out the milestone, close a fixed-price contract, and set up an hourly contract.


This isn't always possible. Some clients are intentionally abusing the fixed-price contract model. But it is worth asking. You might be pleasantly surprised. I have converted some clients to hourly contracts, and then they can ask for as much revisions, re-writing, new features, etc. as they want, and both the client and contrator benefit.


"John, I'm grateful that you are interested in my continue help with this project. I really would like to continue working with you on this. A number of things you have mentioned fall outside the scope of the originally-agreed upon project. I suggest that you process the current contract to its conclusion (release payment and close the contract). Then set up an hourly contract, and you'll be able to ask for anything you need at any time, without needing to worry about the contract. That will give us the flexibility we need and will save a lot of time that would be lost setting up milestones, contracts, etc. That will also allow me to continue doing the work, because there's not really any way for me to do most of these things within the current contract."

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Naomi J Member Since: May 15, 2015
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Exactly - this felt like an 'I dont like it' situation. And the title/starting points I was given by the client, had been drawn up by another freelancer, rather than him. So it felt a bit like 'I dont like the way that person's starting points' turned out, as he basically asked me to rewrite to the same title but with different starting points.


Anyway, I took out the bits he clearly didnt like and replaced them following his preferences.

I will send a brief outline of what I plan to write in future, as I tend to with longer jobs.


Preston: this was actually put out as an hourly job, and I put in a proposal on the basis it be made fixed price. It may be that hourly work would actually suit him better, and I'm just not the right freelancer for him. Which I wouldn't lose any sleep over.


Thanks all 🙂



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Preston H Member Since: Nov 24, 2014
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The quality of the Upwork platform as a whole will improve for both clients and contractors as clients become better educated about the distinction between hourly and fixed-price contracts.


This improved awareness can come in part from Upwork carefully reviewing its wording and information about fixed-price contracts, but must come primarily from contractors becoming more informed and better equipped to explain things to clients.