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fraud and spamming client

Hello there,

There is a client who sent me the offer and when I got to accept the offer I see this message "This client's account is on a temporary hold. Once the issue is resolved, you can accept their offer."
And when I tell them about the above announcement he said he will send me an offer from another account.

He is sending me 3 contracts from different accounts each one he creates will be closed by Upwork.

When I tell him to end the previous contract he rejected it, I have doubts about this client something is not good but I was afraid if I don't work with him he will give me bad feedback from the previous contract which is sent by many accounts. What should I do?

He sent me contracts from these users
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I believe there is something not good with this client, please help me with what should I do to avoid getting bad feedback from him.

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This does sound fishy and is probably a scam. Read and follow the ToS to protect yourself. And

please check out this other thread here for some helpful info and comments:


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We're you actually able to accept the offer? Does it show on your jobs? If no then he can't leave any feedback. 

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It seems you accepted a contract. If the client has three accounts and one of them is on hold, that should be sufficient reason for Upwork to cancel your contract without the possibility of feedback. However, to get a definite answer on this, you'll need to wait till a member of their staff reads your post and gets in contact with you.

They don't cances active contracts when the client's account has a temporary hold. 

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Well that sounds bad from the start. I wouldn't work with a client who gets suspended and creates new accounts constantly. 

Exactly. Freelancers need to be more aware that some clients do this.

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If this is the only contract I see on your In Progress tab, started in November, I'd say you are locked in to deliver the project with pride. Maybe the client has issues with bank accounts or credit cards... Many could be added as a payment method for one client account which is how clients should use Upwork. 


If this is something newer that doesn't show on your profile yet, you can click the Report Inappropriate button if you suspect a fraud. That would get you off the hook concerning bad feedback if the client turns strange and gets banned. 

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Did this ever get resolved?

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