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getting a job through upwork

I am a freelance bookkeeper.

I created my profile more than a year ago and applied for several jobs.

But i could not get even one job and now i feel to continue my profile with Upwork is not fruitful and it is waste of our time to submit proposals for the job offers in this plat form.

i do not know if the job offers are real or scam.

if you have any idea how to take the job please let me know.

Thank you

Community Member

right, its a panic situation and hard to wait long.  But like other problem, this issues also have solutions. 


your profile is private. as you already said you haven't gain any contract on upwrok can be a reason that your profile is not public. 


you need to focus on three things. 


make your profile and overview more informatic and interesting. incuding your best work you done, your past experience. best rates. if possible add some videos. upwork help now with multiple Specialized profiles  so now your can create 1 default + 2 Specialized profiles. make each profile more skills matched. 

here are some tips  from upwork. 




next is, you need to make sure when you apply on job. the praposal should be short pin to the point, informative and willing to solve the issues in timly manner and with some job examples if you have. further more you can have a look on below link. 





upwork time to time release the list of best skills required/on demand on upwrok so you should keep looking and follow the blogs for the best solution. have a look on below artile . its old but it will help you to lean a bit about the concept. 




i am sure you will find a way now. and keep post here if you stuck some where let us know. we help each other, thats how community works 🙂 


have a great day . 


Rajan Sharma
Cloud Solution Architect | Ethical Hacker | DevOps
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