having no jobs starts lose my desire, my profile needs to check to be able to work



I am M Mizanur Rahman and I have learnt SEO from BASIS. I need to get the training in practical  as I hv overcome my lackings but some parts still need to learn once again. I hv completed my profile 100%, shown my own portfolio and experiences though it was local job but exclusive. I hv started bitting but having no response even. Would you plz tell and suggest me the process how I can overcome the hurdles and make me hapy in work.


Moreover, having no jobs inreply starts lose my desire I wanted here. I could n't confirm any jobs here even. Please have a look at my profile and suggest me, what should I do?




M Mizanur Rahman


"I am hard working and a swift learner with good communication skills and a strong linguistics background."


This is one sentence written in your profile overview. And yet I barely managed to figure out what you have wrote in your forum post, so if you write your proposal in similar way it's not surprise nobody hire you..

Your English is not good. Yet you say you are native.


This first sentence makes no sense at all to me and if I was hiring I would pass on your application.


Niche to be chosen in KEYWORD RESEARCH is just a passion for an enthusiast, notwithstanding, only the real guy in intuitive mind can find the desire.


You might want to consider hiring someone to do your overview if that's the best you can do. The rest is sheer gibberish and I have no understanding of what you can do for me. 


As well, you are in one of the most crowded categories so you have a lot of competition.


Hi Mizanur , 


                        Looks like i've seen and read same profile overview in another freelancer's profile . 


' bitting ' , no one bitting here , sometimes i bids on interested job posts .  

' hapy ' , no one is fully satisfied or happy here . 


Taking few more skill test with good score and writing personalize proposal addressing how you can help potential clients with their project ( don't emphasize much on your experience or skill , it's already in profile overview , but how you can help them ) would help landing your first few jobs . 


Start , the rest is easy . 


Best reagrds , 





@Md Mizanur R wrote:


Please have a look at my profile and suggest me, what should I do?


 Sorry, but not only is your profile literally illegible because the English is so bad, you then turn it into a joke by claiming that your English skills are "native!"


"Basic" would be more accurate...



There is NOTHING WRONG with setting up a profile on Upwork if you have very limited English skills.


MANY great contractors do NOT speak English well, or don't really speak it at all, but they simply are able to communicate some via written English.


This is FINE.


I have hired some great graphic artists and illustrators and cartoonists who I have never spoken with. I simply provided them with written instructions and they followed the instructions and turned in fantastic work. I have no idea if they speak English, nor do I care.


But these contractors don't CLAIM to be proficient in speaking English if they're not. Obviously that would be a very silly thing to do. It would be dishonest to do so, and it would also make one look very foolish, because such a person wouldn't fool very many people.


Humility in assessing one's English language abilities is appropriate and appreciated. Exaggeration is probably fine if you're stepping into a boxing ring. But it's not okay when categorizing your language abilities.