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guys im new here in odesk but i think im discourage because all clients wants to enterview me.. all of them theres a first task to do by skype, like first client interview he wants me to make a video and send sexy pic so he can hired me! 2nd, client wants to sexy chat wth me in skype so hes going to hired me and third he wants me to show my underware so he can hired me,, is this really going on on skype clients if newbie> ? because i said NO then they reply i cant find nad i never get a job in odesk if im not going to do the first task they ask in skype is that true?? :( 😞

Hi Michelle, There are a lot of good clients here, but also bad ones. Sorry about your experience, I had to deal with one of those people before. Report the people that have been inappropriate with you so oDesk can monitor things. Don't let it discourage you, you'll find some good contracts.

if every one of us (we were all newbies at one point) had to go through a sexy skype interview then oDesk would be known as a porn site and not a job site. of course it's not true! don't let it get to you. spruce up your profile - make it attractive in the right way, so you get the really good clients. keep applying - you can't expect to get hired straight off especially since you're going against freelancers from all over the world, and you're a newbie (you said so yourself). don't make a big deal of it, just keep moving and you'll eventually get there.
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