im new in odesk.,and i need all your comments and opinion coz yesterday a client send me a message inviting me through skype for interview ,, and i add him but i tel him i have no cam , and he said webcam was needed,, , since i dont have a cam for now,, my problem is no interview happend ,,between me and my client ..what im going to do? did he accept me again for interview if i gt my webcam? or hes not going to invite me for interview anymore?

There's absolutely no reason, apart from the more salacious ones, for a client to require a webcam chat. Walk away from it

Michelle, You have to watch out for certain clients. Some freelancers have been invited for a webcam based interview and then it turned out that the client was inappropriate with them. Like Stephen said, there's no reason why a client would need to see you in order to hire you.