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hourly & flat rate payment question

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Nassoro C Member Since: Nov 11, 2014
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@Rose P wrote:
Do you need money to open a contract, or does the client pay at the end? This is my first job so I am hoping everything goes ok.

 All have been said but my concetration is on the above two sentences. Whether a Client needs money or not so to to open a contract still isn't and can never be a reason for anyone to start working wothout a contract. By the way, it's her problem and not yours! By the way, if even here in Africa I don't have to go to a bank to make every transaction, what about that dear client whom I believe isn't from Africa since very few here use online job services? Isn't she supposed to sit just infront of her computer and fund her oDesk account within 3 minutes?

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Preston H Member Since: Nov 24, 2014
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Do volunteer work at your local church, school, library or community center. That isn't what Upwork is for.

Real clients know that when you hire somebody on Upwork you are supposed to pay them. SOME clients legitimately may get confused about the mechanics. I tell them what I know of the steps, and I tell them they can talk to client-friendly customer support if they get stuck.

NEVER offer to log onto a client's account to help them set up a contract correctly.

NEVER start work without a contract in place. If the job doesn't show up in your jobs tab, you haven't been hired.

MOST clients who ask contractors to work (or do a test job or provide a free sample) are simply scammers who never intend to pay you anything but want you to do free work.

And it's not just a matter of preference. This is a violation of Upwork's terms of use. And if some contractors do this, it drags the site down for all of us.