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how can I find work

difficulty finding work here .

please guide me how to start work

thank you

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I don't know (of course), how you write your proposals, but if they look like your bio - no wonder you cannot find work.


You seem to have a great education, yet you copied and pasted a "personal statement" with a vague and unappealing message, an odd line break and an appearance screaming carelessness on every side.


You say you want to "learn" and "transform yourself" through work. Bad approach. Clients here want to get a job done, they are not charities eager to help freelancers improve their skills. 


Don't copy and paste bios. Show at least some commitment and interest in what you do. 


And please take the Academy courses. Urgently. They do not guarantee you will find work, but at least you will learn how to protect yourself from scammers.

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